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Genius Brain

Category: Android Games / Puzzle Games | Version: 2.0.51
Developer: Maxim Polous | Size: 31.24MB | Updated:12-13
Just put all clues into imaginary table and define column of specified element!
Do it in your mind.
It is a highly effective and versatile training simulator for brain - "Genius Brain".
Its training effect is based on the need to make massive manipulations with the elements of the playing table in mind.
"Genius Brain" intensively develops:
- analytical thinking
- accuracy of thinking
- both short-term and long-term memory
- focus
- imagination and creativity
The essence of the game is simple.
For each new game the playing table is filled with elements in a random order. The player can't see the table. Only clues are displayed - information about how the elements are arranged in a table with respect to each other. The player's task is to restore the order of the elements in the table, and define a column that contains the specified element, basing on analysis of the clues.
It can be challenging for a beginner, so I advise first to use paper and pencil to find a solution. But once you understand the procedure, we strongly recommend to solve problems in mind. It is then that the " Genius Brain" reveals its powerful training potential. Regularly complete the tasks, increase the difficulty of the game and the size of the table, and you will feel the unstoppable development of your brain!
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Genius BrainGenius BrainGenius BrainGenius BrainGenius BrainGenius BrainGenius BrainGenius Brain

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