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Train Simulator 2016 HD

Train Simulator 2016 HD

Category: Android Games / Simulation Games | Version: 1.0.1
Developer: Thetis Games and Flight Simulators | Size: 67.15MB | Updated:08-26
Train Simulator 2016 let you to deliver + 10 different products in + 15 cities around United States and Canada. Also, there are + 15 types of wagons, with a capacity of products it can transport! So, pay attention while planning your route!
Make money to upgrade the cities that you will visit, choose your wagons and what you will deliver from city to city. Help many cities in North America to evolve thanks to your driving skills!
Being developed since 2012, Train Simulator 2016 is the best transport simulator there is! The railroads cross a highly detailed 3D scenario, and the physics work according to all the environment influences, like
climbs, descends, turns and train drag depending of what products you are transporting and how many wagons you have installed, making the simulator as accurate as possible.
- Vintage/modern steamed, Electric, Bullet and Diesel Trains
- 10 Veihicles
- 12 Stations
- 5 Levels of upgrade for each station
- 16 Different Wagons
- 11 products to transport.
- Delorean from-the-movie tribute car.
- Functional instruments like throttle, reverse, manual and hydraulic brakes.
- Detailed stations and wagons.
- Detailed world scenario, with nature, cities, dynamic sky and ocean
- Living marine and land animals.
- Transport your goods during day and night.
Choose from: - LS08 Steam
- LK06 Steam
- LK14 Steam
- 181 Diesel
- TE10M Diesel
- VIS31337 Diesel
- 4268 Diesel
- TGV Bullet
- LT50 Electric
- Delorean from-the-movie (yes, this vintage tribute for you to play with!)
Be the best driver of all times in Train Simulator 2016! Don't forget to give us your feedback!

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Train Simulator 2016 HDTrain Simulator 2016 HDTrain Simulator 2016 HDTrain Simulator 2016 HDTrain Simulator 2016 HDTrain Simulator 2016 HD

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