Plane Wars 2

Plane Wars 2

Category: Android Games / Strategy Games | Version: 1.0.0
Developer: SPokDev | Size: 43.78MB | Updated:06-13
Large-scale air battles again on your device. Plane Wars 2 - sequel to the popular real-time strategy.
Immerse yourself in this dystopian military strategy to seize enemy structures using tactics and determination.
It offers 7-10 hours of gameplay, as well as new types of bases and completely new levels compared to the previous games.
In addition to base that constructs planes, air defense and radar bases to the game were added new ones:
- base that accelerates plane production
- telepathic base
- structure that calls for reinforcements
- base that modifies aircrafts
Overall Plane Wars 2 has larger variety of strategy decisions and allows you to experience new impressions of this mobile RTS.
You can play each of the 80 levels of the game in 5 different modes, which vary the gameplay in the greater way.
The game has RPG element to it - by completing levels in different game modes you earn "stars" - they can be used to improve characteristics and special abilities.
Various combinations of unions, types of structures, special abilities, 5 game modes - all that can make Plane Wars 2 your pocket strategy.
For the first time game contains the Encyclopedia, which clearly describes the purpose of flying structures and explains the difference between the levels of bases.
Available game modes:
1. "Normal" mode - the classic tower-type game.
2. "Blind" mode - you do not see the number of enemy aircrafts in enemy bases.
3. Mode "Sudden Death" - the defeat of the loss of at least one base.
4. Mode "Sudden Attack" - your bases are periodically damaged by storm clouds.
5. "X2" mode - enemies are twice stronger.
The game supports different screen resolutions for smartphones and tablets, including 2K.

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Plane Wars 2Plane Wars 2Plane Wars 2Plane Wars 2Plane Wars 2Plane Wars 2

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