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Fabulous: Motivate Me!

Fabulous: Motivate Me!

Category: Health & Fitness | Version: 2.6.9
Developer: TheFabulous | Size: 18.15MB | Updated:06-12
Get Science-based Coaching to increase your energy, feel vibrant health, lose weight and sleep better by instilling healthy habits and routines in your life. Reach any of your Health & Productivity goals by following a step-by-step program.
Just use TheFabulous to coach yourself to reach your goals, lift yourself to Get Active, Eat Better, Sleep Better, Lose Weight and Stay Motivated by installing 5 healthy living habits that will make you forget about fatigue and low-energy. This is not just a habit tracker or a quantified self app. The Fabulous is a holistic approach, it's your own happiness trainer.
Start off your new year goals for 2015 on the right foot with our coaches.
"I have always had trouble getting up and on the move before work but your app is helping me tons!"
"I really love how personal the app feels. I have ADHD and The letters are like hearing from a friend"
"I just love this app, with the simplicity, fabulous neat interface, it really makes improving lifestyle much easier "
You'll take your fitness and diet to a new level by using the integrated coaching: 7-minute scientific Workout, zen and vipassana meditation for breathing & mindfulness, Happiness Trainer, Power Nap sessions and a Starter stretching for total flexibility.
You will start by setting your morning routine and then your own personal VOICE COACH that will offer you personalized advices based on your everyday habits.
★ Do you ever struggle to wake-up in the morning?
★ Do you know what Diet you should have to feel energetic?
★ Do you feel Fatigue and are you tired by mid-day?
★ Do you have a morning routine?
★ Do you want to have full energy for 5-hours?
★ Have Trouble Sleeping because of blue light?
★ Can't concentrate on a single task because of ADHD?
TheFab is like Coach.me, webMD, Lift, noom, Fitbit or Livestrong, it will motivate you with:
★ Smart-targeted health advises for healthy living
★ Scientifically Grounded approach to instill healthy habito and mindfulness in your life
★ Weight Loss Program where you don't have to count calories, inspired from Atkins & hcg.
★ Your own personal 1:1 human coach that will motivate you to get going on your goals!
★ Integrated Fitness Programs for proper motivar
★ If you can't sleep, the app will show you how to sleep properly
★ Start by installing a morning routine and then add other goals to your life
We're always happy to talk with you. Whatever comes to your mind, we want to hear it. Having some problems installing a habit in your life? Want a feature to be added? Something isn't working as you expected?
Shoot us an email at : [email protected]
Like us on Fb at : https://www.facebook.com/thefabulous.co
Or Tweet us at: @GetTheFabulous
**If you would like to help test The Fabulous and get new features before everyone, join our Android beta: http://bit.ly/newandfab

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Fabulous: Motivate Me!Fabulous: Motivate Me!Fabulous: Motivate Me!Fabulous: Motivate Me!Fabulous: Motivate Me!Fabulous: Motivate Me!Fabulous: Motivate Me!Fabulous: Motivate Me!

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