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Ambio - Sleep Sounds

Ambio - Sleep Sounds

Category: Health & Fitness | Version: 1.8.8
Developer: Happy Exabytes | Size: 8.65MB | Updated:01-15
Work. Play. Rest. Create perfect ambience for your whole life.
Use Ambio to craft the right atmosphere for whatever you're doing. Choose from hundreds of sounds created just for Ambio, or use your own sounds to create mixes that are unique to you.
Select a mix and listen in the moment, or set an alarm and wake up to your favorite mix.
+ Player Features +
* Use Ambio's sound library to create your own ambience mixes.
* Create playlists, play your favorite mixes together, or build complex ambience progressions.
* Use sounds and music from your SD card to create unique mixes.
* Download hundreds of high-quality audio samples made just for Ambio.
* Edit mixes as they're playing so that the ambience is just right.
* Mixes keep playing, even when the app is running in the background.
* Includes sleep timer, crossfade tools, gentle startup, and a gorgeous digital clock.
+ Theme Edit +
* Customize the look of your Ambio Player and Clock
* Change foreground and background colors.
* Select from three clock layouts: small, large, and none.
* Change the font on your clock.
+ Content +
* Download an unparalleled variety of audio samples.
* Includes white, pink, and brown noise.
* Sounds of nature, including Wind, Rain, Thunder, Birds, and Cat's Purr.
* Urban ambience, including chimes, traffic, and sounds of the city.
* Meditation sounds.
* Synth, ASMR, Beats, and 8-bit sounds.
* And much more!
+ Alarm Features +
* Wake up to the perfect ambience - use your favorite mix, playlist, music, alarm tone, ringtone, or notification.
* Use the gradual wakeup feature to emerge gently and naturally from sleep.
* Make sure you're awake when you shut off your alarm using our solve-math-to-dismiss feature.
* Set multiple alarms for all the important moments in your life.
* Preview your alarms to make sure they're just right.
+ Premium Features +
* Unlock all premium sound mixes!
* Ambience that's as unlimited as your creativity -- create as many playlists, mixes, and alarms as you like.
* Keep theme changes even when the app restarts.
* Use Ambio without ads.
+ Available in +
Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish
+ Feedback +
We love hearing your ideas. Use our request site to suggest new features, new content, and more:
+ Lightning Bug Users +
If you previously purchased and installed content plugins for Lightning Bug on your device, we'll give you credits you can use to access premium mixes. To learn more, launch Ambio, select the Main Menu, and press "Lightning Bug."
***You'll only see the Lightning Bug option if you currently have plugins installed on your device.
+ Refunds +
Please review our refund policy before you make any purchases:
+ Permissions +
* Google Play billing service. This allows optional in-app purchases.
* Read, modify, or delete SD storage contents. This is required to allow downloads and storage of sound and image files.
* Run at startup. Ambio runs very briefly when your device boots to synchronize alarms with your system clock. This has minimal impact on your device startup time.
* Full network access & View network connections. This enables downloading extra content, such as sounds or images.
* Control vibration. You can use Ambio to create alarms that vibrate your device.
* Send sticky broadcast. This creates stability in the primary audio and content download systems.
* Prevent phone from sleeping. This ensures smooth audio playback. Your screen will still lock (go dark) to preserve battery life.

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Ambio - Sleep SoundsAmbio - Sleep SoundsAmbio - Sleep SoundsAmbio - Sleep Sounds

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