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Rain Sounds - Sleep Ambiance

Rain Sounds - Sleep Ambiance

Category: Health & Fitness | Version: 1.21
Developer: Loopray | Size: 7.10MB | Updated:11-8
If you are anything like us, you probably work hard and, when it is time to relax, you appreciate a healthy level of tranquility. Whether you are trying to wind down after a busy day, perform some daily yoga, create ambiance for your relaxation and meditation or simply catch some sleep, you are very much able to while listening to the soothing sound of rain.
Prepare yourself for a truly unique experience! Find yourself in the middle of a thunderstorm, exercise control over thunders and lightnings, make your rainy soundscape just with a simple touch, set a sleep timer and let the rain wash your soul.
If you need a bit of tranquility in your life, this is the app for you. Come and grab it for free!
- Authentic high quality rain sounds professionally mastered for relaxation and meditation
- Adjustable rainfall, thunder and lightning intensities
- Soothing white noise that helps block distracting sounds in your environment
- Realistic illumination effects, suitable to create visual lightning simulation in darker environments
- Timer system, so you can drift off to sleep without the sounds playing all night long
- Background play, while using other apps
You will sleep like a baby - Katrina
Love the delightful sound of rain and thunder, really helps to relax - Myrta
Awesome! Especially if you love the thunder & lightning storms - Crystal
Great white noise to fall asleep to - Kathryn
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Rain Sounds - Sleep AmbianceRain Sounds - Sleep AmbianceRain Sounds - Sleep AmbianceRain Sounds - Sleep Ambiance

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