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OTGSubs (Unreleased)

OTGSubs (Unreleased)

Category: Personalization | Version: 1.1.0 (ALPHA)
Developer: PDDStudio | Size: 8.72MB | Updated:05-8
Alpha Release Note:
This App is in an early stage of Development and might have some Bugs and Rough Edges!
Don't hesitate to report them via Google+ Hangouts GitHub
Easily Create Substratum Themes directly on your Device!
→ This Application is an Extension for Substratum!
→ Make sure you have a Substratum/OMS compatible ROM!
→ This Application can NOT be used for pirating, kanging or other illegal stuff!
→ Theme Patching only works with compatible Themes!
More Information about adding OTGSubs compatibility can be found here
OTGSubs Features:
→ Create a Substratum Theme on your Device
→ Choose your desired Fonts, Overlays, Bootanimations and Sounds
→ Build, Package and Install your new Theme on the go!
→ Patch Supported Themes with Colors of your choice!
And that's not all yet! I'm always up to hear new feature requests, feel free to send me a message or open an issue on GitHub
I'm a developer and would like to contribute!
→ Great! Contributions are always welcome! You can find the GitHub repository here:
Special Thanks
→ Sasi Kanth for contributing the App Icon and PlayStore Banner Image
This Application was created by Patrick Jung aka PDDStudio.
All third party libraries and collaborators can be found either on GitHub or inside the Application.
This Application is Open Source and Licensed under Apache 2.0 License
This Project will be merged directly into Substratum in near future (whenever I've time to do so), until then please use OTGSubs for Testing and Reporting Bugs and Feature Requests, to make the implementation as stable as possible! Thanks!

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OTGSubs (Unreleased)OTGSubs (Unreleased)OTGSubs (Unreleased)OTGSubs (Unreleased)OTGSubs (Unreleased)OTGSubs (Unreleased)OTGSubs (Unreleased)OTGSubs (Unreleased)

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