Category: Personalization | Version: 1.0
Developer: Arunkumar | Size: 2.69MB | Updated:10-26
Kolorette brings a new context to widgets by implementing contextual color concept established in Google's Material Design!
Kolorette widgets adapt to the system wallpaper by changing their color to prominent colors of the wallpaper. It uses Google's palette library to extract colors from wallpaper, Muzei artwork, any image on storage and music album art cover and then colors them. So you have great looking widgets that blend with the background.
If you would like to create your own setups, Kolorette got you covered there as well by providing these colors to Zooper, Kustom and Tasker!
Easily copy the variables for colors by tapping on any color card. You can then use them in the advanced parameters section of zooper widgets or formula section in Kustom apps.
*Kolorette 1.0*
*Feature Highlights*
Clock widget and search widgets that *adapt to wallpaper's* prominent color - also auto updates when you change wallpaper.
-Uses Google's *palette library* to extract colors. Also get *true prominent color* of the image.
-Also extract from *Muzei artwork, any image on storage, and Music Cover*.
-Use extracted colors in *Zooper, Kustom and Tasker* (Samples included)
-Share an image via Android share menu to *quickly extract colors*.
-Formula to use colors in other apps like kustom *easily copy-able*.
-*Copy hex code* of extracted colors.
-*Material design* love.
Available for 4.4+
Join Beta : https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.arun.themeutil.kolorette
Join Community : https://plus.google.com/communities/107768060555498874789
Icons used in posters: *Cornie Icons* by Patryk

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