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Camera Roll - Gallery (Unreleased)

Camera Roll - Gallery (Unreleased)

Category: Photography | Version: 1.0 Beta
Developer: Lukas Koller | Size: 2.82MB | Updated:02-9
Simple and intuitve
Camera Roll is the perfect App for browsing your Gallery and enjoying your lovely photos and gifs.
Hidden Folder
Camera Roll is able to show and help you clean up your hidden Folders, e.g. "Send"-Folder from Whats App.
Delightful Animations
This Gallery App is packed with awsome and delightful Animations, from saturation fading, when an image appears, to a ratteling trash can, when you delete an image.
Exif Data
Camera Roll can show you the Exif-Data from your photos.
Find source Code on Github:
Please note this a is still in beta, you might encounter some bugs.
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Camera Roll - Gallery (Unreleased)Camera Roll - Gallery (Unreleased)Camera Roll - Gallery (Unreleased)Camera Roll - Gallery (Unreleased)Camera Roll - Gallery (Unreleased)

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