Category: Photography | Version: 1.0.6
Developer: Seene | Size: 18.83MB | Updated:02-2
Seene lets you capture and share the world in lifelike 3D by combining image, depth and movement into a shareable 3D photo, video or gif.
>>> Seene supports Google Cardboard for viewing your 3D photos in VR! <<<
* Capture lifelike 3D photos in under a second
* Tap to refocus and blur your photos after taking them by adjusting the depth of field
* Apply creative filters to enhance your shots
* Share special photos, videos, and gifs of your 3D seenes
* You can save the hi-res original photos to your gallery, too
Taking a seene on your phone is quick and simple. Point your phone or tablet at your subject and move smoothly in one direction - the app will do the rest. See around your subject by tilting your phone in your hand.
We'd love to hear about how you're using Seene, so please send any questions, comments or suggestions to us at the email address below. Thanks!

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