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Sound Scoreboard

Sound Scoreboard

Category: sports | Version: 2.0.10
Developer: Y2PROM | Size: 734.62KB | Updated:10-3
This is a simple & flickable scoreboard with sound effects.
1. You can change score points by flicking.
2. You can change score points by pressing volume key.
3. This application can announce score points (please install Speech Synthesis Data).
4. If you flick a point, scoreboard sound SE (Applause, Shout of joy, Whistle, Flip, and more sounds).
5. This application can keep the screen on.
6. You can edit the score points , font size, and color pattern.
7. Score point range is 0 - 99. Set count range is 0 - 9.
If you install this application to tablet devices, the tablet becomes like real score board!
This score board is useful with volley ball, table tennis, football, tennis, badminton, and more sports.

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Sound ScoreboardSound ScoreboardSound ScoreboardSound ScoreboardSound ScoreboardSound Scoreboard

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