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Calculate - Anywhere, Anytime

Category: Tools | Version: 1.0
Developer: ANDROIDSOLE | Size: 1.81MB | Updated:06-7
Calculate - Smart Calculator
Download Calculate now and you can calculate everything while typing and chatting! Calculate - Smart Calculator is a revolutionary calculator app that will change the way you calculate any Math equations. Type in your formula on the chat and notes and paste the result instantly while chatting and taking notes. Aside from normal addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication, Calculate also supports complex formula: sin, cos, tan, pi, and square roots.
Discussing Math problem with your classmate on messengers or other chat apps? Taking notes on your tablet or mobile device in class and want to get instant result from the formula? Now you can do it easily with Calculate - Smart Calculator for Android. Type in any equation and let our app calculate the result for you. Paste the result on the chat and send it instantly. Or add it to your notes and save.
So you need to know what's the right answer for complex equations such as 78*90+√55-π instantly? With Calculate, you don't have to scramble to use classic calculator to get the result. With Calculate on your device, you can simply type this equation anywhere and get the result instantly. This is how powerful our calculator app is!
Here is how to use Calculate:
Download Calculate - Smart Calculator app for Android on your device now!
Activate the app and give permission.
Change the symbols for expressions: Sin, Cos, Tan, Pi, and Square Roots.
Type in the full equation at any app while chatting or taking notes.
Paste the result or Undo.
Calculate - Smart Calculator for Android is developed by Androidsole. We are an indie app developer and we appreciate it if you can support us by leaving a rating and review about our app.

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Calculate - Anywhere, AnytimeCalculate - Anywhere, AnytimeCalculate - Anywhere, AnytimeCalculate - Anywhere, AnytimeCalculate - Anywhere, Anytime

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