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Volume in Notification

Volume in Notification

Category: Tools | Version: 1.9
Developer: Jimmy Hu | Size: 55.03KB | Updated:02-3
Volume in Notification is intended for use on devices running Android 3.0 and up.
This app puts a media volume and mute control in the Notifications window that can be accessed from the status bar on your device. It lets you adjust the volume without using the hardware volume button and without exiting the app that you're currently running. For example, you can adjust the volume of a video directly from the Notifications window while continuing to watch the video.
We developed this app because we often find it hard to use the hardware volume button on a tablet, depending on its orientation and how we have it set up in the stand. We hope you find it useful too!
Note: This app will only control media volume. In general, media volume includes music, video, and game sounds.
To use: Tap on the app icon and select Activate. This will put the volume control into the Notifications window. On the status bar, tap on the time or pull down the Notifications window to access the volume control.
To close: Tap on the app icon and select Deactivate.
• This app does NOT have any ads. If you are seeing ads in your Notifications window, then they are being put there by a different app.
• Make sure that a task killer or other phone/battery/memory manager app isn't killing Volume in Notification or preventing it from running at startup.
• If the volume control does not display in the Notifications window, make sure that notifications are turned on for your device under Settings > Apps > Volume in Notification > Show notifications (check the box). Note: This setting is available for Android 4.1 and up only.
• On Android 5.0+, to hide the volume control on your lock screen, you must:
1) In Volume in Notification, check "Hide on lock screen"
2) On your device, set a screen lock such as a PIN or password
3) On your device, hide sensitive content under Settings > Sound & notification > When device is locked > Hide sensitive notification content
• To hide the status bar icon:
1) For Android 5.0+, turn "Priority" OFF under device Settings > Sound & notification > App notifications > Volume in Notification > Priority
2) In Volume in Notification, set the priority level to "Min" and tap "Activate"
• Tapping the Mute button will allow you to mute and unmute the volume.
• It's not possible to put a sliding volume bar in the Notifications window.

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