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TopNotif Notifications

TopNotif Notifications

Category: Tools | Version: 1.10
Developer: AuntieHuat | Size: 0.17MB | Updated:04-22
TopNotif displays your notifications (from any application) onscreen and can also read them aloud. It works when your device is in fullscreen mode. It can even work when your device is locked and the screen is switched off. It can now also announce the caller id of incoming calls.
Important! After installation, you must open the TopNotif app and follow the instructions under "Setup" to grant TopNotif permission to access notifications on your device.
Note: If the Text-To-Speech on your device sounds weird or muffled, its probably because your device is using a third party Text-To-Speech engine. Please download the official Google Text-To-Speech engine from the Play store: and follow the instructions to set it as the default engine. You will also need to restart TopNotif service for the change to take effect.
Free version:
★ All full version features are available.
★ Limited to processing 20 notifications per day.
Key Features:
★ NO ADVERTISEMENTS: no Internet access required. No annoying popups whatsoever.
★ FILTER NOTIFICATIONS: specify apps you want to ignore.
★ READ CALLER ID: option to read aloud the caller id of incoming calls.
★ WAKE SLEEPING DISPLAY: option to wake screen automatically when notifications arrive. Useful in meetings
★ DISPLAY ON LOCK SCREEN: option to overlay notifications on the lock screen. Useful in meetings
★ INTERACTIVE MESSAGES MODE: option to allow launching of apps and dismissing of notifications
★ SPEECH MODE REMINDER: option to display onscreen indication when speech mode is on
★ SPEECH WHEN DISPLAY OFF: option to speak notifications when display is off. Useful when driving.
★ SPEECH SPEED: specify speed to read out notifications.
★ INTELLIGENT PARSING: Identify grouped notifications and display only the latest update.
This application is maintained by a sole developer with limited testing resources. Please verify that the features work for your device before purchasing the full version.
If you have any feedback, questions, or concerns, please email me at:
[email protected]

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TopNotif NotificationsTopNotif NotificationsTopNotif NotificationsTopNotif Notifications

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