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Security Hole

Security Hole

Category: Android Games / Puzzle Games | Version: 0.8.0
Developer: AnRaEl | Size: 47.52MB | Updated:01-6
Warning: this is an open beta version. While the game is in beta you can get your promo code to unlock full version for free. To get the promo code please send your inquiries to [email protected] with [PromoCode] in the subject line. To find more about the game and report bugs please visit
Shove the falling figure in the hole - the basic idea is as simple as that!
Believe it or not, your brain will be worked out in 10-15 minutes of intense playing!
You may wonder that behind the scenes you upgrade your mental rotation skill while playing this game. Some scientists believe that this skill helps to perform better in sports, music and dancing. Do you believe it?
Actually, there are a few different game variations packed in the single title - just play and discover them all!
Please don't compare this game with Tetris - it's not alike! The same applies for Shadowmatic: this is completely different game with similar control mechanics.
So, check it out and make a nice work out for your brain!

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Security HoleSecurity HoleSecurity Hole

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