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Category: Productivity | Version: 1.5.1
Developer: dotWee | Size: 0.70MB | Updated:07-15
MicroPinner is a lightweight dialog-only application, which lets you pin text to your statusbar. You can customize the pins title, content, priority and visibility (Android 5.+ only).
## Features
*  Permission free
   MicroPinner doesn't need that thing called internet.
*  Lightweight
   APK weights less than 750kb.
*  Material Design aligned
   Design follows the Material Design Dialog guidelines.
*  Zero battery & memory impact
   It won't drain your battery nor your memory.
   No background-services, no background-processes.
*  Open source
   The complete source-code is available on Github.
   Check the FAQ below for the link.
*  Backwards compatible
   Works on Android 4.1 and up.
*  Choosable priority
   Give your pin the priority you think it deserves.
   Choose between Default, Low and High.
*  Editable pins
   Edit your pins easily by clicking on them.
*  Permanent pins
   Declare pins as permanent to avoid removing it by mistake.
   To remove a permanent pin, simply click on it and select delete.
## Android 5.+ only Features
*  Choosable visibility
   Hide your pin on the lockscreen using Android's visibility-API: Choose between Public, Private and Secret.
## Questions and answers
Q: How does visibility affect a pin?
A: It mainly affecs the pin's position on your lockscreen. *Normal* displays the pin like a normal notification, *private* hides the content-text and *secret* hides the whole pin.
Q: Help, visibility seems not working!
A: Maybe because you are using a Android version below 5.0, where the visibility-feature doesn't work since it has been introduced with Lollipop.
Q: Could you sync my pins and/or save/export them?
A: I don't want to add more permissions such as network or internet-access. If I find a way to sync it e.g. with Google Keep, I'll add this as feature.
Q: How does priority affect a pin?
A: Mainly the position in your notification-center. *High* places your pin above every other notification, *low* below every other notification and *min* below a small divider, completely at the bottom of your notification-center.
Q: Help, priority seems broken!
A: If you got for example a lot other *high*-priority notifications and you add a pin with priority *high*, Android will choose its position.
Q: Where's the source-code?
A: You can find the whole code there:
Q: Could you add xxx so I can xxx?
A: Ideas and feature-requests go the Issue-section of the git-repository or in the comment selection of this application.
Q: It's constandly crashing, help!
A: Crashes are reported using Google Plays Crash Detection and get reported automatically. If I didn't fix it in less than one day, please open a issue on github.
Q: I found a bug / issue, what should I do?
A: Create a new Issue or ping me per mail at [email protected].

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